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1-800-DENTIST was a very successful call based service that helped customers find a dentist in their area. As technology advanced, they began to see a decline in people using their service. Their research showed a drastic shift towards more people using online options to find a dentist rather than their call service.  

The parent company of 1-800-DENTIST decided to create an online platform called The platform features articles, community posts, dentist search, and appointment scheduling, but its primary purpose is to build relationships between dentists and patients. 



I joined the team early when they were brainstorming the overall structure and architecture of the platform. I worked closely with leadership, product management, marketing, UX research, and engineering teams to build the platform from the ground up. Since it’s launch, has grown exponentially. The platform has a thriving community and dental directory featuring over 130,000  dentists, the most comprehensive dental directory in the nation.

Team & Role

Our cross-functional team consisted of leadership, product management, product design, marketing, UI design, engineering, and UX research. As the product designer:

  • Coordinated, contributed, and led all facets of design for their responsive web-based platform. 

  • Worked closely with our cross-functional team to brainstorm ideas, solve problems, iterate design solutions, and much more. 

  • Assisted in the creation and implementation of the platform's content contribution strategy.

Users & Audience

We began to understand who would be using the platform by conducting user interviews and surveys. We were able to pinpoint that's target users would include two user groups, patients, and dentists.

  • Patient - A patient is seeking to find a dentist, read articles, or post in the community.

  • Dentist - A dentist is a user seeking to find patients, write articles, answer questions, and increase their visibility to potential customers.

Design Process

Please note the process I'm sharing below is an overview. Due to the complexity of, I'm highlighting the key components of our process.

Determining User Needs

Through our research, we were also able to narrow down the user needs that we wanted to solve. The primary user needs included:

  • Break down the communication barrier between dentists and patients.

  • Give patients access to relevant and current dental content and articles. 

  • Enable patients to find dentists in their area and book appointments.


Platform Architecture, User Flows, & Wireframes

Once we had a high-level architecture in place, we expanded upon each component using wireframing and user flows. A lot of whiteboarding was also involved.


At this point in the process, we found user feedback very important. The user feedback we received helped us flesh out the primary features and workflows of the platform.


Below is an example of the registration and login process user flow and wireframes.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 8.32.20 PM.png

Building The Community

The primary purpose of is to build a community around dentists and patients. One of the critical components of building the community was developing and implementing a strategy to drive content contribution. During the creation of the strategy, the main questions we had to answer were:

  • Who will contribute?

  • How will they contribute?

  • Why will they contribute?

I collaborated with product management and marketing to find solutions to the questions for each user group. We also worked together to integrate our strategy into the UX/UI of the platform as we built it out to make sure we were properly planning to help the community grow.


Below is a high-level overview of our solutions for the separate user groups.  

Group 21.png

Iterative UI Process

Creating an excellent UI solution rarely happens on the first attempt. To find the best solution, you need to research, design, test, review findings, iterate, and repeat. For I used this process to optimize some of the most important features, and it substantially helped us improve our solutions to fit user needs better.

For an example of my iterative UI process being applied to improve's homepage, please view the slider below.

Homepage Version 1 UI

  • The product manager asked to add a feed of trending community posts next to the featured articles and a popular community categories section for desktop.

  • Leadership asked to create a way to inform users about community stats and enable them to search the community or start a topic quickly.

  • UX Research found that users were having trouble differentiating dentists from patients.

Group 2.png

UX/UI Design & Team Collaboration

I'm a firm believer that open collaboration amongst teams results in an increase in empathy, understanding, and motivation towards the product and amongst members of the team. As I worked my way through designing the UX/UI of the platform, I continually collaborated with product management, engineering, marketing, and leadership to brainstorm, ideate solutions, and work within the project's constraints.

You can view a few examples of the finalized UI of the platform using the slider below.

Group 2.png


Throughout the creation of, the team collaborated often and openly. Doing so helped our cross-functional team stay well informed and empathetic throughout the process. Everyone on the team was incredibly happy with what we produced and were confident when it came time to launch.


Since it’s launch, has grown exponentially. The platform has a thriving community and dental directory featuring over 130,000  dentists, the most comprehensive dental directory in the nation.


This project helped me grow exponentially regarding working with cross-functional teams. I learned a lot throughout the process of creating the platform from the great team around me. I also learned how to grow a community by assisting in the creation of the content contribution strategy and designing the experience.

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